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How to prepare for SAT examination?
Preparations for SAT can be overwhelming with many self-help books and sites around. SAT determine the academic success of a student but writing everything you have studied to solve the three and half hour paper can seem to be a tough task.
So, what can be the best way to prepare for the SAT and work towards the best score? Here are few tips which can help with your preparations towards a good score.
  • Understand the structure of the test – Understanding the layout of paper is utmost important. The questions are structured in an ascending level of difficulty with the exception of the section for critical reading. So solving the easier questions can save time for the more difficult questions at the end. So, it’s important to emphasise on the structure of questions and practice them.
  • Practice timed tests – Solving lots of practice tests, is one sure thing which will lead you towards a good score. Time the tests and mark the questions. Ask the help of parents or teachers to check the answers for you. This will help you to find out the areas in your study where you need more practice. Solving practice tests will also help you in boosting your confidence towards the final paper.
  • Essays – Write Essays adhering to the word and time limit. Use past papers to find out the subjects of Essays and practice them. Read different articles on different subjects, so it can help you with structuring your essays. Adhering to the 25 minutes to write and proofread can be a trying thing to do but practicing them is the way to go.
  • Practicing vocabulary – It’s not about knowing all the words from the dictionary, but practicing vocabulary will help in easing off the pressure on preparations. Making use of flash cards to practice will help you in questions related to sentence completionsand it will guide you in the reading comprehension section as well. To understand the meaning of difficult words, studying and extending your vocabulary will go a long way.
  • Memorize and practice – Practice and memorize the formulas and rules. Even though there will be a reference to the facts and formulas in the paper for you, you should be able to use them to your advantage. Work with your calculator. Familiarize with it and use it all through the test. Find out the shortcuts which can be used on the calculator, practice and be comfortable with them. They will help you during the actual test.
  • Multiple choice questions – Practice and practice is the only way to go. Although multiple choice questions can seem to be an easier task, that’s not the case always. Reading the answer choices given can help you in knowing the concepts asked in that question. If you feel that you cannot answer a question, skip it! Move on to another question as trying to think and solve the question you are stuck at will result in wasting your time. So, it is extremely important to use the time properly.
  • Be ready for the test day – Ensure to double-check the date, time and the SAT exam centre. Keep all the pens, pencils, erasers, calculators ready one day prior to the test. Have a relaxed sleep and eat a healthy breakfast on the test day. Being stress free is important. Spend time with your family and take their help in relaxing for a stress free SAT.
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