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Test Mentor LLC is USA leading college admission preparation company offering wide range of products and services for SAT / ACT examinations like Diagnostic Test ,Online Course, Question Book-lets ( Test Series) Study Material , college Advising etc. Test Mentor has more than 15 partners with tremendous experience and experts skills in their field all over the world.
  • Sophia Tabaroki - She is from USA, a well-rounded, qualified, and professional individual whose experience, enthusiasm, and child-friendly attitude will astound you. Her tutoring has proved extremely efficient and effective by teachers, parents, and students alike. she hasn’t only been successful in raising student's grades but also their self-esteem. She is experienced in working with students of diverse ages, levels, learning styles and background. Standardized Test Preparation - ERB, ISEE, SSAT, CHSPE, HSPT, CAHSEE, GED, PSAT, SAT, SAT II, ACT
    Skill Subject: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Hebrew, Judaic Studies.
  • Maja Ivkovic – Maja is form France has 10 years of teaching experience. She holds a Master’s Degree in Mathematics and has about ten years’ experience of teaching Mathematics and other subjects. She has been tutoring since 2005, pretty much since the beginning of her studies. Her passion for any kind of knowledge made her familiar with many subjects, so she has provided tutoring in all Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Physics, History, Latin, English and Croatian. Varun, enjoy tutoring Mathematics.
  • Hadi Latifi – Hadi is from Australia has Extensive experience in modeling, mathematical analysis, and analysis of linear and nonlinear systems published over 2 articles in prestigious ISI journals and conference proceedings. Teaching experience as an instructor for undergraduate thesis in Finite Element Analysis Working as Teacher assistant for some undergraduate courses and I have a research opportunity in Melbourne. He is teaching GMAT / GRE / ENGLISH from many years.
  • Shivdeep Attree - He teaches students in UK to help them score better and his goal to do well in academics and look out for job later. Teaching Method and Strategy - I personally believe that getting 99% marks is still easier but getting 100% marks is very difficult. The difficulty lies in the last 1%. More than 3 years in automotive industry as purchase engineer.
  • Ankit Gupta - Ankit completed his MBA in finance. Following that he worked in Morgan Stanley before he quit his job and choose tutoring as his ideal profession. Prior to his MBA he had done his Engineering. He has 7 years of tutoring experience. He worked as a math tutor at Cuny college. (Helping students with all math courses, from basic arithmetic to Calculus I, II, III, linear algebra and diff. equations, and discrete mathematics). He is very passionate about mathematics and helping others with their mathematical challenges. He is very patient and he use variety of teaching techniques to help students understand mathematics.
    Preferred Subjects - SAT Math , ACT , GMAT , Calculus and Pre calculus , Geometry , Finance , Economics , Accounting , Statistics , Essay and Research paper writing , Trigonometry , Algebra- Basic And Advance.
  • Varun began tutoring during his freshman year of high school, which totals to about 8 years worth of experience. He is from USA and enjoys working with students from wide variety of backgrounds. Varun, enjoy tutoring Mathematics. Some of his experiences about the same include:
    • Being the private Mathematics and Science Tutor for High School and College Students
    • Being a tutor at the Jones Farm Prison for inmates trying to earn their GED
    • Being a tutor at Kumon Learning center

    Preferred Subjects - SAT Math , ACT , GMAT , Calculus and Pre calculus , Geometry , Finance , Economics , Accounting , Statistics , Essay and Research paper writing , Trigonometry , Algebra- Basic And Advance
Other Institute associate partner like :
  • HifiKids Incorporation - Is the world’s first networked e-Learning platform that supports knowledge and information sharing amongst parents, teachers and students on an interactive digital platform. Hifikids is an educational quizzing platform designed to enlighten and educate parents, teachers and students via collaborative learning. HifiKids provides administration of quiz shows and testing events online and onsite, simultaneously, to an unlimited number of participants at the classroom, school, district, state, or national level. Hifikids' reports and analytics are provided in real-time and the platform is designed to provide in depth reviews for better curriculum development. With HiFiKids, teachers can leverage on our platform to create or upload, a full year of assignments, quizzes, and tests for release on predetermined dates and times to students.
  • Suprex Learning - has the best Houston tutors and has helped students from all grade levels and subjects achieve their educational goals. We pride ourselves in personable service and building a relationship with our students along with Houston’s best tutors. Suprex Learning has proven to be a leader in the academic support industry providing affordable and quality tutoring and coaching.
  • Mosey Tutoring - A tutoring organization located at University of Maryland with the aim of helping high school and college students thrive in SAT &science courses through innovative approaches and methods. Their tutors are highly qualified. Most of them have 1 - 3 years of tutoring experience. All of them have got an “A” in the subjects they teach. Mosey tutoring has qualified tutors who have either earned a college degree from an accredited university or are still enrolled in a university. Tutors either have a Bachelors in Science degree or are still currently pursuing it. Most of our tutors have 1 - 3 years of tutoring experience. All of them got an A in the subjects they teach.
  • Education Access Network - Was founded and incorporated in the State of Washington on September 4, 2001. The organization began informally as University-College Access Network (U-CAN) during the 1999-2000 academic years. From 1999-2001, EAN offered free and lost cost test preparation, math review, and other courses to Garfield High School students in Seattle, Washington.
  • Educational Link Consultants (s) Pvt. Ltd - Established in the year 2000, Educational Link Consultants (S) Pvt. Ltd. is a professional education consultancy company in Singapore providing educational advice and student-support services. The Company represents many excellent schools, colleges and universities in Australia, the UK and the USA.
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