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Pre-cursor to applications in USA
Education abroad is an important decision in a student’s life. It’s a new beginning in a foreign country which requires a lot of careful preparation including shortlisting universities and sending the applications, appearing for requisite standard entrance exams, arranging finances, arranging accommodation and a lot more.
Here are few tips which will make your decision to secure admission in the educational institutes of USA a tad easier:
  • Shortlisting Universities – After you’ve made the decision to have an international education in the USA, the first important step is to zero in on the university which suits your educational qualification and career goals the best. In addition to internet search, you can email the respective universities enquiring for your desired course of study as well. Usually the universities are prompt in responding to all your queries so do not hesitate to ask every little concern or questions you have about your desired course of studies and life at the university.
  • Setting a schedule – The prospective student should give enough time before he or she starts to apply for the admissions. Set a schedule for researching and analyzing the universities which offer your choice of study. Give enough time for you to complete all the formalities of admissions. Meticulous planning in advance for all the prerequisite list of conditions one requires to fulfil for admission to American Universities requires time and patience. One may take as long as one to two years before actual departure.
  • Precursors to admission – After zeroing in on your choice of institute and having read up on the procedure of admission,find out what are the precursors to admissions such as appearing for the GRE / GMAT / TOEFL / SAT / IELTS.Arrange to take the requisiteexam such as GRE, GMAT or like-wise. You may refer to Test-Mentor’s preparation guides to help with the preparation of these exams. The Universities / colleges usually have a cut off score for these exams in order to be eligible to apply for the admissions. So set a target score if you wish to apply to a particular university!
  • List of documents – The terms and conditions for admissions in under-graduation or post-graduation differ. A special section on university website for international students details out the list of educational eligibilityfor admissions. Go through them carefully. Make a list of documents which you need to gather before applying for the admission. Most of the universities in USA require a student to write a ‘Statement of Purpose’ citing the purpose of the choice of study. Research on the methods and examples to write a strong Statement of Purpose. Assessments in India and USA vary. You would need to convert your mark sheets into transcripts as per the grading system in USA and get is approved and sealed from your college of study in India. You would also need recommendations letters from your college professors and employers stating your ability and candidature for education abroad.
  • Visa formalities – Once the University / college of choice have offered a place to the student; the University assists for applying for a student Visa. They provide a “Confirmation of acceptance of the student” which is known as i-20. An i-20 is required for an F-1 or M-1 Visa for student.
  • Arranging finance – Many Banks offer educational loans to prospective students. Arranging finances well in advance go a long way in assisting a smooth transition to a student life in the USA. Many students in the USA apply for financial assistance from Universities which is offered in the form of stipends. Students work part-time tooto support themselves during studies. There are many part-time jobs advertised on the University / college websites which can help with searching for part time jobs on campus.
  • Arranging for accommodation – Many Universities / Colleges in USA have hostel facilities for the students. Reviewing them well in advance will help in arranging for a comfortable place to stay. Look for accommodation which involves least amount of travel and which also has basic necessity shops around as well.
  • Departure – Before the day of departure arrives ensure that you are set up for accommodation, have enough cash for a start and have arranged for affordable plans for calling home. It is also very important to have international student insurance plan as medical expenses in the USA can get expensive.
With careful preparation with Test-Mentor to guide and counsel you, life in the USA as a student can be satisfying and enrichingand help you enhance your career.
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