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SAT Premium Online Course
Title TestMentor's SAT Premium Online Course
Product Code TMSATPRM008
Category Online Course
Price $99.99

“ TestMentor's Online course is designed to closely assist students from the introductory stage to completion of the programme. A online course provides graphical analysis, highlighting areas to work on. Through the use of quizzes, flash cards, 6 full length tests and helpful worksheets, the student enjoys a dynamic approach to learning”
Premium Online course includes
Dashboard : TestMentor's Personalized Dashboard Come with Score projection of last attempted test, Learning history of course subscriptions of Testmentor's Products,
Step by Step College Admission preparation.
Quiz : TestMentor Provides 500+ Quiz Questions base on different SAT Topics with difficulty level to practice and get instant result of quiz.
Flashcard : Flashcards are a great way to develop vocabulary in limited time span. This is simply the best learning system available with TestMentor. Test Mentor’s flashcards include 500 SAT Vocabulary words and 50 Mathematics cards. Flashcards include wordlist with definitions, their synonyms and antonyms.
Practice papers : TestMentor Provides 6 full length practice papers with difficulty level.
Reports : Different Smart Reports to Analyze your performance.
  • Range Report
  • Section Report
  • Difficulty level Report
  • Time Base Analysis Report
  • Topic Base Report
  • Comparison With Topper
  • Test by Test Comparison

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SAT 4 Workbooks Set + Flashcard + 5 Practice test booklet + SAT Online Course
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SAT 1 Diagnostic Test + 5 Practice test booklet
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SAT Online Course + SAT 3 Workbooks
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SAT 1 Diagnostic Test + 5 Practice test booklet + Preparation workbook
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