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SAT Preparation Book
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Title TestMentor’s SAT Preparation Book
Product Code TMSATPRM001
Category Publication
Price $14.99
Kindle $6.99
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Author TestMentor
Publisher TestMentor
Publication Year 2014
Language English
Edition 001
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 800 Pages
Product Dimension 10.8(h) x 8.5(w) x 1.8(d)
Average Shipping weight 2.9 Pounds
Table of Content


SAT Preparation book is a compilation of all inclusive study material which will enable you to clarify concepts, solve problems, seek solutions and perform a self-score review, in addition to detailed theory comprising of three sections:critical reading, math and writing.
The most important feature of the book is the “10 Week study plan” which includes 1 Diagnostic test and 6 full length Practice tests at the end. The books provides you with easy strategies to enable you to study smart!
The book includes more than 600+ core wordlist.
The books makes SAT Study interesting. TestMentor’s comprehensive and out of box approach will help you earn top notch score in the SAT Exam.
Highlight Point:
  • Complete SAT Preparation Guide
  • College Advising
  • Diagnostic test
  • 6 full length Practice tests
  • 600+ core wordlist
  • SAT Overview

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