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College Admission

The USA Universities consider your SAT/ACT scores along with English proficiency test scores for admissions in addition to your school performance which is reflected in the transcripts. You are gauged based on your willingness and readiness to pursue college education hence you are required to submit a statement of purpose for education and the recommendation letters written by your employers or educators whom you have associated with. The Universities in the USA also check your financial abilities to support your education hence you will also be required to submit financial proof along with other documents.
Admission processes in Top US Universities
  • School Transcripts
    One of the most important requirement for admission assessment is the school transcript. The courses you have taken and marks obtained therein gives Universities a vague idea of whether you will be able to study at the college. American Universities adopt a credit and grades based scoring or GPA (Grade Point Average). You are scored in a scale 1.0-4.0. You may be required to convert your scores as per the US standards and get them approved from your college.
  • Shortlisting Universities
    You may want to conduct some research on which universities you want to apply based on your SAT/ACT test scores. There are many websites which guide you to choosing Universities based on your scores. For e.g., a Stanford may consider only those applicants whose SAT scores range from 2040-2080. If you do not fit into their standards, you will end up wasting your admission processing fees. Universities often offer various scholarships to deserving candidates. You may also want to consider such Universities where you stand a chance of winning a scholarship.
  • SOPs/ RECO’s
    Most of the Universities in the USA believe in a holistic approach in determining admission prospects of an applicant. Statement of Purposes plays a very important role in persuading the University to consider you. The SOP’s clearly emphasize on your strengths and weaknesses along with your ambitions towards further education.Recommendation letters typically supportyour claim about the Strengths and weaknesses.
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